Day 7: Cape Cod

First stop was The Salt Pond visitor Center in Cape Cod National Seashore. I bought another refrigerator magnet, my souvenir of choice, and picked up some tips from a park ranger about how best to see the park and where to find a non-advertised bike trail that would take me to a cliff view of the Atlantic. My next stop was Coast Guard Beach, where I went my feet and saw seals playing in the water!

My next stop was the Marconi Station site, where the inventor of radio placed his transmitters for the first transatlantic broadcast. There’s nothing to see there except an observation point now and some information placards but it was interesting knowing that this was the place of such a historic event. Afterwards I visited Marconi Beach. With a little hunting, our next found the bike trail that the Ranger told me about.

Next I rode up to Provincetown, a neat and very busy tourist area. Very pretty, but nerve-racking to drive through, with all of the pedestrians. I followed this with a visit to Race Point Beach and the National Seashore visitor station. Interestingly, the beaches don’t have seashells like in North Carolina, just little stones and pebbles.

My last stop was at the Highland Lighthouse, here they just called them “lights”, which was unfortunately under renovation. I stopped at the Lobster and Chowder House for a bowl of clam chowder and then headed back to the rest area for another night sleep. I was whipped!

Mileage: 178. Souvenir: $6.32. Dining: $9.62

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