Day8, Pt 2: New Hampshire

After departing Plymouth I set my GPS for Portland, Maine, which took me through Boston. I made an executive decision along the way and veered into New Hampshire towards the White Mountains. One of my Facebook friends suggested I head this way, so I changed course on a whim. I also stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts to pick up a bagel and some donuts. Dunkin’ Donuts is HUGE Here in Yankee territory. I haven’t been impressed with him much in North Carolina, but they do seem to be much better up here. The bagels and donuts were all wonderful!

New Hampshire is very pretty, much like North Carolina. I taveled mostly in White Mountain National Forest through a lot of little towns like Milton, Conway, Whitefield and Franconia. The last part was on the Kankamungus highway, ‘The Kank’, a very scenic drive.

I found a primitive campsite just off a Forest road by a pretty scream. A bike packer passed by just before sunset and we talked for a few minutes. He was going up a very tough hill, hope he made it!

Mileage: 426 since last reporter(?). Expenses: Parking: $1.25. Donuts: $5.95. Gas: $53.13.

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