Day 10: Rock Land!

After a night at the rest area I set about exploring, trying to think about where to get a covid test, and what to see today.

thanks to my friend Dick Maxell for recommending I visit the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse. The breakwater which is 7/8 mile of giant granite stones allows you to walk to the middle of the harbor where the lighthouse is located. Both were completed before 1900 and it really is a marvel of what man can achieve, especially without large powerful machinery. There are large crevices between the stone so you need to look where you put your feet with every step, but it is not a difficult walk, despite the fact that the wind was fierce today and after I left got even worse and rain came in. This lighthouse was an unexpected surprise and one of the most memorable things I have seen so far.

Back. Apple

On, and onto, Canada! Over the last day I visited four facilities and made several phone calls trying to find a place to give me a PCR covid test, IE not the rapid test. Finally this afternoon I found a place that could test me for $110, but they were out of the “free” tests and didn’t know when the next batch would come in. I bet the bullet and took the test, as I could easily waste more vacation days, miles and stress trying to find some place to test me, and making the schedule work. Assuming the test comes back negative I hope to be entering Canadia within the 72-hour window, which gives me a deadline of 2:00 p.m. Sunday! As usual, the test was horrible. I actually saw Stars while she was doing it. They were really pretty!

I saw in the news that there had been a giant rubber ducky in the harbor at Belfast, but unfortunately it has moved to another harbor. So I headed to Bar Harbor. Passed this neat bridge, and other stuff on the way:

After driving some more I finally arrived at Acadia National Park, one of the key destinations on this trip! I spoke with the park ranger who include me into the fact that reservations are required to visit Cadillac Mountain, and I was lucky enough to score the last ticket for the sunrise viewing tomorrow. Of course it’s raining now so I will tell how that goes but what can you expect for $6? After getting my vaccine and being lucky enough to score a ticket I feel like things are just working out. God is good! Better than I deserve, for sure! Now I just need to find a place to hunker down for the night.

Mileage: 341 since yesterday morning. Expenses: Breakfast: $1.29. Medical: $110 (pending). Groceries: $10.44. Park Usage Fee: $6.

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