Day 11: Cadillac Mountain

It’s 5:52 a.m., and I’ve just arrived at the parking lot at the top of Cadillac Mountain. I’m here to be the one of the first people in the United States to see the sunrise today. Unfortunately it is pouring rain and foggy, but when you pay $6 for a reserved ticket you make the drive. I’ll probably try again tomorrow as tomorrow’s weather forecast is much better. (Next days reservations sold out before I could but one!)

Next I headed into Bar Harbor for breakfast, and to just explore before touring Acadia. Gee whiz, do they just double the prices on everything when you’re on vacation?

The park is beautiful, kind of a combination of Blue Ridge Parkway and incredible ocean views. Two particularly popular areas are Sam’s Beach, and Thunder Hole, where the wants full the rocks and blast up into the sky.

Thunder Hole Video

Since I couldn’t get a ticket for tomorrow’s sunrise on Cadillac Mountain I decided to move forward. I grabbed a disappointing lobster roll on the way to the town of Ellsworth where I visited the library to work on my application to enter Canada, and review the days photos. I may seek out a laundromat, though I’m nowhere near being out of clean clothes. I’m a bit tired, and stressed about the border crossing, so I think it will be good to just take some time to relax. And the sun finally came out!

The laundry dream at Eden laundromat in Ellsworth, Mainemaine.

Mileage: 86. Expenses: Breakfast: $23.29. Souvenir: $4.29. Lunch: $28.08. Laundry: $7.00. Dinner: $2.43. Groceries: $3.60.

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