Day 12: And I Almost Missed It!

I confess, yesterday I was really tired and run down. I tried it Acadia on a somewhat overcast day and almost moved on afterwards. Instead I went and did laundry and stayed overnight in Ellsworth. This morning the sun was out so I decided to return to Acadia National park. I tried the entire park again, only by bus this time. Thunder Hole was absolutely fabulous in the sunshine, and I even purchased another reservation to visit Cadillac Mountain, not at sunrise (some out), but at noon. I spend a lot of time climbing around on the rocks and taking pictures. I hate to think that I might have left without seeing it on a glorious day like today.

Afterwards, I did head to the border at Calais, but was turned back as my covid test results still have not come in. If they don’t show up in my email by 2:00 p.m. tomorrow I will have to be retested 🤔 I will just have to see what happens and figure it out then.

Is a headed north, I was surprised to see some of the large wind turbines, we should have always fascinated me. I turned down a gravel road and actually ended up at the base of one which was very exciting, as I’ve never seen one up close!

So I’m staying in Calais, Maine. They do have one of the nicest Walmarts I’ve seen outside of Bentonville, Arkansas! This is no small feat! Also, good pizza, and a very nice cemetery!

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