Day 14: Bangor to Eastbay. Paul Bunyan and Whales!

I woke up in Bangor. First thing on the agenda was a shower and then a trip to Northern light pharmacy where I got my second, of this trip, covid 19 test. With a 48-hour guarantee. After my double-barrel swabbing I went to check out the Paul Bunyan statue and the very pretty waterfront.

I next jumped on highway nine, for the third time in three days, as one leg of my trip to Eastbay where I purchased a ticket on a oil washing tour. They were about 30 people on the boat and three crewmen. We actually went up into Canadian Waters and saw wheels many times, as well as bald eagles, seals, salmon farming and a lot of beautiful shoreline. The trip lasts about 2.5-3 hours and was a lot of fun..

Next I headed to West Quoddy Head lighthouse. I actually saw the lighthouse from the boat, but am looking for ways to run out the clock before my next border-crossing attempt. I stopped on the way for Wi-Fi, to upload my photos. I found myself in Dennysville at the Lincoln Memorial Library, a one-room library. The librarian on duty was Petey Harvey, who turned out to be the most wonderful host. We talked about history and his life, moose encounters, and life in Dennysville in a 200 year-old home.

Found a camping spot down a hunting road. Very secluded. Very quiet. No wifi. No cell service. Very glad to see civilization again!

Mileage: 165. Expenses: Covid test: $100. Whale watching: $55. Don’t: $3.77.

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