Day 15: Lobster Love! Weed and St Croix

Today I visited Reversing Falls. I don’t quite understand the name (see Google desc. in photos), but since I was in Dennysville it was closer and worth a visit. The friendly librarian recommended it to me and I have taken as many suggestions as possible. You had to hike down a very rooty , rocky, treacherous path, but it was very seren e and beautiful. I spent quite a bit of time there meditating and drinking in the grandure. The tide was out and in some of the photos you can see how much the level drops. If I had a shovel I could dig for clams!

After viewing the Falls I headed back towards calais, and saw this interesting horse pen(?) along the way.

A few days ago I had a very disappointing lobster roll near Bar Harbor, but today I took a chance Sharon. And I took today chance at The Sandwich Man, in Calais! Big pieces of lobster, mayo, lyrics and a little onion on a fresh makes roll! It was as good as the last one was bad, for less than half the price! Yah! While I was eating someone pulled up in a neat old fire truck and parked beside me.

There was a marijuana dispensary across the parking lot. I was curious, so it went in and looked around. They did have a crazy amount of product! Someone told me that there are more places in town to buy marijuana then there are stoplights. I didn’t purchase anything, but afterwards I ran to Walmart and did take care of some commerce.

Later I visited the “duty free” store, which was mostly booze and cigarettes, but the clerk ripped me off on St Croix island historic site, just down the road Red Beach. It’s perhaps the northernmost national park in the east coast. It tells about an important French settlement established about 1600 . Though if was ultimately a failure, the site did relocate to Port Royal, NS, which did succeed. The small island is actually located just off the coast, but visible from the historic site.

I returned to Joe’s Diner for supper, a chicken parm sub, and fries. Yum!

Mileage: 71. Expenses: Dining: $28.58. Groceries: $1.07.

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