Day 16: Oh, Canada!

I Made It!! Only 4 days late, but I finally made it across the border to visit our neighbor to the north! Turns out I probably could have come in sooner, had I known on my covid test results were buried under a special menu in the testing companies data portal but that’s water under the bridge. There’s anything I’ve learned is that you just have to make the best of things and if you’re giving a detour there’s probably something interesting to be found on it. I made it through the border crossing without incident, right behind another camper from North Carolina. The only thing I wasn’t expecting was to be asked for my vehicle registration, but fortunately I was able to pick it up

Not too much to report or show. In the area where I was the roads were wide open, and speed limit is 110. A lot of the other drivers they’re very slow. Just kidding, he was late in kilometers per hour. And if 131 sounds cheap for gas, know that that is Canadian dollars per liter. When pricing things, you cannot about 25% off for the exchange rate.

I went to a large grocery store, Atlantic Superstore, and used their Wi-Fi and restroom. While many of the items are just the same that are slight differences, lots of cheese are longer, wider, and thinner. Milk can be purchased in bags, or cartons and there are items that you don’t see on American grocery shelves. I also picked up a SIM card the prepaid phone plan because it was very annoying not to be able to use my phone to look up things, or even make a call. I paid about $45 US for 30-day plan with 8 gigabytes of data. People are very friendly and helpful here, at least Atlantic Superstore. Also, you don’t ask for the restroom, you ask for the washroom. Charging from the height of a urinal on the wall Canadian men must all be very tall! Or at least they aim high!

I went to Dairy Queen for a late lunch, there was a McDonald’s to be found in Sussex. To my delight they offered Poutine on the menu. This is french fries with brown gravy and cheese herbs and very popular in Canada. It was one thing I wanted to try on my trip. It was so good, I don’t know why they don’t offer it in the US.

I continued on to Moncton, the largest city between Calais, Maine, and Prince Edward Island. I think it also has the only Planet fitness in New Brunswick so I took advantage of that. I showered and use their lounge to work on today’s web post. I noticed that the tanning boots here are the standard variety instead of the tanning beds it’s the Planet Fitness in High Point, NC.

I lost an hour when I crossed the border, i.e. you would turn your clock ahead 1 hour. It’s been cloudy all day and getting dark so I will probably find a spot in Moncton to hunker down for the night.

Mileage: 189. Expenses: Groceries/Water: $6.87 Gas: $82.31. Dining: $11.43.

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