Day 17: Prince Edward Island!


So across the 8-mile bridge into Prince Edward Island and was immediately directed into a covid testing station. The process went pretty quickly and I was told I would only be contacted if the results were positive. I guess I must be safe!

The drove around a bit and a nice lady potato farmer finally directed me to the visitor center in Sunnyside, the second largest town in PE. a very helpful man there named Spurgeon Robbins gave me a map, and a lot of other handouts, and explained the scenic routes and annotated some of the stops I’m at want to visit. I have been to most of them and so far he has been spot on.

My next stop was to fill up my gas tank. Gas prices are advertised in Canadian dollars per liter that seem to be about $3.88 per gallon, us, if I did the math correctly. Interestingly, I see much less deviation in prices here then you normally see in the US. My daddy would be proud that after I filled up my gas tank I also checked the oil, and added a quart that I had brought from home. He might even be impressed that I had a funnel, so I didn’t spill oil on the engine block!

My next stop was the Acadian museum. The acadians were the French people who were earlier settlers, deported here from Nova Scotia which frequently changed hands between France and England, some were deported back to france, and eventually a remnant was given a permanent home in Prince Edward.

Next stop, Cap-Edmonton Lighthouse.

The Canadian Potato Museum came next. I wasn’t really interested in this and didn’t actually tour the museum which friend Spurgeon said was mostly farm equipment and it cost $10. I did have my picture taken next to the giant potato and checked out the cafeteria. They had lobster rolls for only $9.95 Canadian! This is only $7.50 US, before the 15% sales tax. Ouch! I just eaten, but put the roll in my refrigerator and enjoyed it for supper later. Delicious! I also got my first look at Canadian money. They use $1 and $2 coins and no pennies. The $1 coins have a loon on them and are called “Looney’s”, and the $2 coins are nicknamed “Toonies!”

West Point Lighthouse was very cool. You can climb up to the top, the steps get very steep! It’s really hot up there but the view is outstanding!

North Point Lighthouse & North Cape. You couldn’t go in the lighthouse but there is a trail along the ocean and you have stunning views, as long as views of a lot of wind turbines. I put on my kit and rode my bike on the trail. Most enjoyable and very scenic, like everything here.

Mileage: 249. Gas: $81.28. Dining: $9.07. Admissions: $5.02. Coffee: $1.90.

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