Day 18: Northeast, Summerside, Green Gables…

Woke up this morning and decided to cook breakfast. I’ve decided to leave my camping spot and look for a scenic place to park. I found it at a commercial fishing pier and took a few pictures, first.

I’ve been discovered that I didn’t have another can of corned beef hash like I thought, so I found a grocery store. Fortunately I was in the town of Alberton, a very small town but larger than most and it had a pretty good little grocery store. Groceries seem pretty expensive here, and of course the 15% sales tax makes it even worse.

After breakfast I continued my tour. At one point I saw a parking lot jammed with pickup trucks, all pulling boat trailers, and saw many both out in the water. I thought it might be some kind of fishing tournament so went and checked it out. Each little boat had one or two people in it with identical tools, they look like long post hole diggers or something. I believe that they were probably clammers, i.e. harvesting clams.

the next visited Lennox Island/First Nation, the reserve for the Mi’kmaq, (pronounced “MIG ma”) tribe, or band. This is actually one of four reserves/reservations in the province, but the Mi’kmaq are the largest. Of course I also checked out the church and cemetery, and drove around the reserve some. It was interesting to see the street signs with a combination of English and native languages, or only native. Usually the signs are in English and French, here.

I saw a crepe restaurant and stopped for lunch. It was hard to decide whether to get a savory crepe or a dessert crepe. In the end I went with “Fries with the works” and Nutella crepe with bananas, strawberries, whipped cream and caramel sauce for dessert! And dinner. “The Works” was hamburger, peas, onions and gravy. Delicious! They only took cash, so I ended up with some Canadian cash which I may keep for souvenirs.

The next sold out the Summerside Library to use the Wi-Fi and a comfy chair to work on uploading my pictures and getting a head start on today’s post. Library was very nice, they even loan out musical instruments there.

Continuing my tour I drove through some of the interior of the island and found myself at the Anne of Green Gables House / Museum. The house is the one that the fictional series was based on. The museum and house were closed but I was able to get a few pictures.

Presbyterian Cemetery. Nice!

Random Pics

Mileage: 131. Groceries: $9.43. Admissions: $3. Dining: $14.05. Currency: $15.95. (?)

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