Day 19: Bye, Bye, Miss P-E-I!

I woke up today parking lot full of fellow campers, or at least it seemed that way. I felt like going out for breakfast this morning and the closest contender was a Wendy’s. It was actually a combination Wendy’s and Tim Hortons but only Tim Hortons was serving breakfast so I had a breakfast sandwich, coffee and hash brown. Pretty good, except for the hash brown which was tough and flavorless. And then went across the street to check out Dollarama, a Canadian counterpart to Dollar Tree. It was actually very nice, though items are at different prices. I couldn’t figure out why the shopping carts had these poles that extended about 7 ft or more up in the air. I finally asked the clerk and she said it was so that people couldn’t take the shopping carts out of the store, because they would hit the door frame if they tried.

I continued my tour through the Northeast part of the island, through St Peter’s Bay (pass a nice church), to Prince Edward Island National Park where Greenwich Beach is located. There is a very long boardwalk, maybe 1 km, it takes you to the beach. Quite a walk but pretty. Beach was pretty, lots of rocks and seaweed, but no shells, much like Cape Cod. I had the beach all to myself for a while it was eventually joined with half a dozen other people. Seaweed is a big product here, I actually saw a tractor with a front end loader dumping seaweed into a truck yesterday.

The next drove through Naufage Harbor. There was a pretty wooden bridge, which I was surprised to learn I actually had to drive across. I felt better after seeing a few other cars do it.

The East Point lighthouse was next. There was a creamery there, but unfortunately it was shut down for the season. I took a break and made a sandwich for lunch. The lighthouse was really pretty. I did stop for ice cream later, a sundae with rhubarb sauce and oatmeal crunch topping!

Haven’t decided that I was ready to proceed with my trip over to Nova Scotia, so headed for the ferry launch. The ticket was $82 Canadian, or $65. I arrived just about 15 minutes before harsher and was fortunate that my car was sent right to the front of the boat, so I was the second vehicle off. The ferry was huge, with a cafeteria and a lounge on the top deck. I accidentally took the elevator to the second parking deck which was completely empty. I wasn’t supposed to be there but was able to take a few minutes and look around. Besides having an empty deck all to myself, it was cool because I could go to the very front and back of the boat.

When I was released into Nova Scotia I headed to New GLasgow, and used Tim Hortons Wi-Fi to upload my photos. Then I went and had some Chinese food for supper and found my parking spot for the night at the local Walmart.

Mileage: 179. Expenses: Gas: $73.60. Dining: $22.88. Ferry: 64.90. Groceries: $3.64.

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