Day 20: Enter the Hill Country!

After a bowl of Raisin Bran I attended church at Christian Fellowship Church in New Glasgow, NS. It was a good worship service, and afterwards I spoke with a couple named Max and Melvin who are very familiar with the Cabot Trail area, which is where I had planned to tour. They told me how to get there, which route to take and things to see along the way.. appreciative of their help and excited to get on the way.

I stopped at Dairy Queen for more Poutine, yum, and then hit the road. They had started out with a lot of rain but the sun came out in the afternoon lots of blue sky, and wind! Very beautiful country, much like driving through the mountains of North Carolina but with more spruce and other evergreens, and lots of birch trees in some areas. Still getting used to the whole kilometers thing. Pulled off at one exit to use the restroom and saw a sign for a monastery. Thought I would drive past the monastery and so a sign pointing towards a shrine. It was a trail in the woods with many stations of the cross and then other stations as well. Most meaningful was one called Mount Calvary which had a full size Christ on the cross. Very glad I took the time to experience this.

Mileage: 170. Dining: $8.44.

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