Day 23? Across New Brunswick

Stopped for a bite at a restaurant in Edmundston, NB. Starting today they require you to show proof of vaccination and ID! 😮 Manager salary said that I had to show my passport, I think he meant my covid passport. When I had proven my acceptability I was allowed to purchase a small poutine. Manager was actually very nice and we chatted for a while, and he gave me some ideas about what to see while I was in town. I rode my bike on their nice River trail. Saw some men picking wild Cherries to make wine with and picked a few myself. They were very large. Also met a man who had added a gas engine to his bicycle. Also stopped and watched some men using a piece of machinery I had never seen before. Finally realized that it was a tree digging-up machine fascinating.

Rode all the way to the botanical gardens. Checked them out but didn’t think it was worth $18 for admission. Rode back to the van.

Last stop in Edmonston was the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. Very pretty, but wasn’t allowed inside because “the custodian was not there today.”

Finally got back on the road, eventually arriving in Quebec City, and finally found Planet Fitness. (Did I mention that all the signs are only in French here, and that is what everyone speaks?) Unfortunately it was not affiliated with Planet Fitness in the US, or apparently even in New Brunswick. very disappointed not to get a shower. And a nice RV Park along the waterfront and settled in for the night.

Mileage: 319. Expenses: Gas: $78.79. Dining: $4.77.

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