Day 24: On The Road Again!

After being awakened by the sound of a gendarme leaving a commendation for good parking under my windshield wiper I hit the road about 4:00 a.m. . Finally pulled off at a rest area for a little more sleep and to cook breakfast. Drove out of Quebec and into province of Ontario. Stopped for lunch at Boston Pizza. Jambalaya pasta was very good. I’m getting back on the highway I saw a Planet Fitness and immediately exited. After proving my identity and vaccination status I was able to take a really long hot shower and shave off a week’s worth of beard.

Also stopped at a travel center to use the facilities and visit the national fast food favorite. Did I mention they are really into social distancing here?

Saw a sign on the highway for the Canadian Air Force Museum. The museum was closed when I got there, but I was able to see a lot of airplanes over the fence!

Stopped at a Walmart in Oshawa, just a few hours from Niagra Falls, Ontario.

Mileage: 480. Expenses: Dining: Toll: $2.84. Gas: $98.17. Dining: $30.67.

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