Day 25: Maybe the best day!

Niagara Falls. What is there to say? Everyone has seen images of it but there is nothing like seeing it with your own eyes. So big, so much power. After a quick stop by the visitor center I went down to the falls and parked. The first thing I saw was a black squirrel. Crazy. I walked past the power station and over to the falls and that’s when the amazement begins. I took about 300 pictures and went on the boat tour and took some more pictures. Incredible! Only a 10 hour drive from home, everyone should see it.

All good things come to an end, and so it was with my time in Canada. I stopped to have a last meal, fish and chips and then found my way to the border crossing at Buffalo. Kind of like walmart, and crossings but only one open.

Next stop: Or Lady of Victory Basilica I’m Buffalo. Just amazing. These photos are just a sample.

And they have a graveyard! It’s about the size of arlington! There are many signs pointing to the grave of Father Baker. He led the building of the basilica when the previous cathedral burned.

Next, a quick visit to a local grocery store for some special hot dogs that are only available here, followed by another visit for some hard-to-get bbq sauce. A special request from North Carolina

After that I just drove a few hours and ended up at a truck stop in Pennsylvania.

Mileage: 236. Expenses: A lot!

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