A real lesson in selfishness

I was sitting in my car at McDonald’s, in Cleveland today, eating my lunch. I saw him in a winter coat walking down the sidewalk it was right in front of my car. First thought that came into my head was “I hope he doesn’t ask me for money.” You never even looked at me, but he did look into the garbage can by the sidewalk right in front of me. He pulled out at McDonald’s bag and seemed to be looking through it. I don’t know if he found anything to eat or not, but I felt about one inch tall for my selfish thoughts. That point I would have loved for him to ask me or something. I think I would have bought him anything he wanted to eat. I’m so fortunate, I’m able to go on a month-long vacation and do just about anything I want and I worry about someone asking me for a few dollars. I even had a stranger by my own breakfast, this morning. I pray that things go well for that man, and I pray that I have a less selfish attitude in the future. I’m humbled. Thank you for the lesson, Father.

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