Day 27: Not What I Had Planned!

I woke up, made coffee and found a Denny’s on the way to the church that I had picked out for today. All I was there I talked to a lady at the next table about what to do in Cleveland. When I went to pay the cashier told me that the lady had paid my bill for me. I was shocked but was able to catch up with her in the parking lot, and asked her why she did that? She told me it was to thank me for the conversation. I was really surprised but grateful to run into such a nice person. I wondered if it was because she thought I was broke. Thanks again, Heidi! I went to 9:00 a.m. service at Cleveland Baptist Church. It was the first day of revival and they had a really good speaker from Florida. I spoke to the pastor after the service and he was very nice.

I bought a ticket online for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but when I try to drive there I found it was located right beside the Cleveland Browns stadium and there was a game today! I’ve never seen so many people! Acres and acres and acres of people tailgating, and thousands of people working their way towards the stadium, and this was 90 minutes before kickoff. It was no parking within two or three miles of the stadium, I was able to reschedule my visit for tomorrow instead.

When I finally got away from downtown I went and parked near the botanical garden and went for a bike ride. I rode down MLK by all the international gardens. There are different gardens celebrating the contributions of different cultures. I wrote all the way down to the Lake Erie where the Itter City Yacht Club and nature preserve were. It was a beautiful ride, but I couldn’t find my van, or where I had parked it! I was getting very distressed as it was at a parking meter and I knew my time had run out and I was worried about a ticket. I saw an older lady walking and asks her if she could identify the location of a photo that I had taken right after I started my ride. Fortunately, she knew just where it was it was able to show me how to get there. I told her that she was truly an angel to guide me. I found the van. There was no time left on the meter, but no ticket either. I loaded up the bike, put another quarter in the meeting meter, and enjoyed a soda down by the pond at the botanical garden. I saw a black squirrel in Niagara Falls, but the squirrels in Cleveland look more like gray squirrels with brownish tails. LOL

I had a late lunch at mcdonald’s, while I was doing that God gave me a real lesson and how good I have it. I wrote a separate post about that. Afterwards I had a little time to kill so drove past the house where Ralphie lived in the movie A Christmas Story. Also saw a nice cemetery. LOL. I know, I’m weird. They had some interesting grave markers, very short and distinctive and placed right up next to each other in many cases. They also had a beautiful brick office building. I also parked at the zoo for about an hour while I was recharging my ebike battery, and going through some of today’s photos. Keeping up these posts is a lot of work! But I am glad for the people who are reading them. I didn’t visit the zoo, but did take one picture of what I’m assuming is an aviary.

Mileage: 49. Expenses: Dining: $3.39. Groceries: $6.72.

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