Day 28: Hey, hey. My, my.

It’s hard to tell Cleveland ‘Goodbye!’

Breakfast say The Original Pancake House. I had the meat lovers omelette and pancakes. Didn’t even eat half of it, but will finish it tomorrow! The homemade Pico really finished the omelette off nicely.

I finally made it to the Rock n Roll HOF. Pictures follow!

After the HOF I walked over to the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial, a Civil War memorial to the 900 Cuyahoga County residents that died in the war, about 18% of the population, according to the resident “interpreter.”

More photos of my walking route of Cleveland:

Drove by Rays Indoor Bike Park. It wasn’t open yet, but that let me look around.

Finally got the road, driving through Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Stopped to do laundry. Van will smell better. Had some That for dinner and got back on the road. Finally stopped for the night in Mars, PA. Going there are no 3am knocks taking me to go somewhere else. Not a problem with most Walmarts. Actually happened at Home Depot last night. Sure way to soon a good night’s sleep!

Mileage: 194. Expenses: Dining: $45.41. Admission: $30. Parking: $17. Souvenirs: $9.71. : $7.80.

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