Day 29: In Remembrance

My destination was the Flight 93 Memorial, located at the site of the crash in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. The first thing you come to is the Tower of Voices, a huge Tower with a 40 chimes, one for each passenger and crew member. You then drive several miles to reach the visitor center, and then another drive takes you down to visit the actual crash site. The memorial is very hard to visit emotionally, but I encourage everyone to visit it. It is also very educational and I am very grateful to the park ranger who shared so much information. The actual crash site and debrisfield are off limits, except to family members of the victims.

Just down the road, after leaving the Flight 93 Memorial is the entrance to a privately funded memorial for those who died in the war on terrorism. It was not heavily visited, but I was glad I stopped.

At this point I was basically heading home. While driving through West Virginia I came to the town of parsons, which had a very lovely Armed Forces Memorial of their own.

Mileage: 236

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