Day 30: You CAN Go Home Again!

And I did! I had a very restful night at a picnic area in the Monongahela National Forest of West Virginia. Some of the photos really show how the fall leaves are evident there, it was beautiful. The rest of the drive-thru West Virginia was very twisty, but beautiful. It also included the George Washington National Forest.

Trigger Alert! I stopped for gas right beside a building with “TRUMP TOWN!” on its side. I had to get some pictures and check it out. It was a store with all kinds of Donald Trump merchandise.

I also stopped at Dairy Queen to see if they had poutine here, but was very disappointed. Had to settle for a couple of hot dogs. Finally made it home and everything looked good. The house seems so large, after staying in the van for the last month! It’s really good to be home.

Mileage: 283.

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