Day 24: On The Road Again!

After being awakened by the sound of a gendarme leaving a commendation for good parking under my windshield wiper I hit the road about 4:00 a.m. . Finally pulled off at a rest area for a little more sleep and to cook breakfast. Drove out of Quebec and into province of Ontario. Stopped for lunch at Boston Pizza. Jambalaya pasta was very good. I’m getting back on the highway I saw a Planet Fitness and immediately exited. After proving my identity and vaccination status I was able to take a really long hot shower and shave off a week’s worth of beard.

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Day 23? Across New Brunswick

Stopped for a bite at a restaurant in Edmundston, NB. Starting today they require you to show proof of vaccination and ID! 😮 Manager salary said that I had to show my passport, I think he meant my covid passport. When I had proven my acceptability I was allowed to purchase a small poutine. Manager was actually very nice and we chatted for a while, and he gave me some ideas about what to see while I was in town. I rode my bike on their nice River trail. Saw some men picking wild Cherries to make wine with and picked a few myself. They were very large. Also met a man who had added a gas engine to his bicycle. Also stopped and watched some men using a piece of machinery I had never seen before. Finally realized that it was a tree digging-up machine fascinating.

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Day 22: Croissants, and Coffee. To go!

The first step on the agenda was a stop at the French bakery. It was tempting to get one of everything, but got a chocolate croissant, a scone, cranberry muffin, and a cinnamon roll. I ate two of the items right away, and the chocolate croissant was unbelievable! I stopped by before I left town and picked up three more croissants, chocolate, butter and cheese. I also got a cup of coffee, figuring it must be really good. It was, but it tastes just like mine! I guess I make really good coffee. 😋

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Day 20: Enter the Hill Country!

After a bowl of Raisin Bran I attended church at Christian Fellowship Church in New Glasgow, NS. It was a good worship service, and afterwards I spoke with a couple named Max and Melvin who are very familiar with the Cabot Trail area, which is where I had planned to tour. They told me how to get there, which route to take and things to see along the way.. appreciative of their help and excited to get on the way.

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Day 19: Bye, Bye, Miss P-E-I!

I woke up today parking lot full of fellow campers, or at least it seemed that way. I felt like going out for breakfast this morning and the closest contender was a Wendy’s. It was actually a combination Wendy’s and Tim Hortons but only Tim Hortons was serving breakfast so I had a breakfast sandwich, coffee and hash brown. Pretty good, except for the hash brown which was tough and flavorless. And then went across the street to check out Dollarama, a Canadian counterpart to Dollar Tree. It was actually very nice, though items are at different prices. I couldn’t figure out why the shopping carts had these poles that extended about 7 ft or more up in the air. I finally asked the clerk and she said it was so that people couldn’t take the shopping carts out of the store, because they would hit the door frame if they tried.

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Day 16: Oh, Canada!

I Made It!! Only 4 days late, but I finally made it across the border to visit our neighbor to the north! Turns out I probably could have come in sooner, had I known on my covid test results were buried under a special menu in the testing companies data portal but that’s water under the bridge. There’s anything I’ve learned is that you just have to make the best of things and if you’re giving a detour there’s probably something interesting to be found on it. I made it through the border crossing without incident, right behind another camper from North Carolina. The only thing I wasn’t expecting was to be asked for my vehicle registration, but fortunately I was able to pick it up

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Day 15: Lobster Love! Weed and St Croix

Today I visited Reversing Falls. I don’t quite understand the name (see Google desc. in photos), but since I was in Dennysville it was closer and worth a visit. The friendly librarian recommended it to me and I have taken as many suggestions as possible. You had to hike down a very rooty , rocky, treacherous path, but it was very seren e and beautiful. I spent quite a bit of time there meditating and drinking in the grandure. The tide was out and in some of the photos you can see how much the level drops. If I had a shovel I could dig for clams!

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