Day 9?: Goodbye New Hampshire, Hello Maine!

More scenic photos of New Hampshire. What can I say, it’s beautiful!

When I arrived in Maine I found a beautiful spot by a lake where I took a bit of respite, at a nice lunch and caught up on my blogging. Last night’s campsite was big on solitude but small on wi-fi!

Continued on towards Portland. The drive was very beautiful. Had a shower at Planet Fitness and then continued on to Bath, Maine, where I tried to get things lined up for my covid test and entry to canada. I knew there were hoops to jump through, I just didn’t know they would be moving! Hopefully tomorrow I can get it sorted out. Try to get dinner in one restaurant, but didn’t wait for a table. So another place on the road and bought a platter and an extra crab cake, ate half of it. Yum!

Mileage: 207 and counting. Expenses: $63.24. Dinner: $28.06. Dessert: $2.49.

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